What do Think Social do?

Thinksocial is a Irish, Dundalk based business support company in Co.Louth. We specialise in On-line Marketing Strategies, Social Media Management Services, Branding & Logo marketing.
Think Social is there to help companies and organisations develop, implement and successfully execute an On-line marketing strategy.

This approach is designed to help business owners who are time poor, but see the value in targeting customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other platforms for a small fee.

Our first meeting we will discuss were you want to go with your company.
Here are a few examples of how we work:

• Find out the market you wish to enter.
• Secondly - Study Competitors.
• We look at:
Market research, discovering feedbacks in social channels and
Identification of key platforms you wish to enter.
• We talk with you about Social media strategic plan, recommendations & implementation

How Think Social Started?

Think Social is a brand new company set up by Kevin Carthy, former manager of Brubakers in Dundalk. Kevin has years of experience in social media content management in his previous role and seen an opportunity to apply his experience to other companies.

Think social was first launched in 2013 with a small client base of just 2 companies and has increased significantly to managing and Consulting over 18 companies ranging from Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Fast Food Outlets. With our company growing so fast we have decided to base ThinkSocial in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.

Why are we in dundalk, Co.Louth?

Dundalk town is growing at a pronominal rate in regards to a technology base for Ireland with large company's like PayPal, Ebay and National Pen having heavily invested here. With that said, we felt it best for ThinkSocial to set-up in dundalk.


Think Social has managed our Social Media platforms for the past year & since then they have made our business go from strength to strength. We would definitely recommend them!

Jason Mullen

Think Social has managed to totally transform our online presence. The quality of their posts & the level of engagement has certainly improved our online presence. Thumbs up from Riva!

Bernie Murphy

Think Social has managed our subway page and has increased our on-line presence greatly. The quality of their posts & the level of engagement has certainly improved our online presence.

Gerry Grimes