Introducing Carousel Page Posts

Create posts in the carousel format right from your Page. Showcase multiple images, links and headlines for News Feed on desktop and mobile. You can then boost your post from your Page or in the ads create tool.

Include more links and photos with a single Carousel Page Post

Facebook Carousel Page posts give you more creative real estate in News Feed to show better imagery for your brand/products, driving people to your website.

• More images invite more scrolling.

• Showcase up to 5 clickable images within a single post, at no
extra cost.

• Facebook can optimize the order of the images based on relevance to each targeted individual.

See how Carousel ads could inspire your carousel Page post.

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lower cost per conversion when compared to standard link ads'


lower cost per click when compared to standard link ads'

How to create a Carousel Page Post

Enter or paste the link for the website you want to direct people to into the Status update window.

• Images will be automatically pulled from your website, appearing as different panels in your post. Click the X in the upper right corner of any of the automatically uploaded images if you don’t want that image to appear.

• If images don’t automatically appear, click the large plus sign at the bottom of the composer window to add an image from your computer. Repeat this process to add new images to your post.

• The best size for carousel images is 600x600

• Click the text in order to make any changes or edits to the copy appearing under the images in your ad
Add copy at the top of the post.

• Click Publish. The post will now appear on your Page.

Boost a post in Carousel format

Boosting posts is an effective and inexpensive way to get more exposure for your content. And you can boost a post for any amount you want, as well as reach new audiences through targeting.

• Click Boost Post in the bottom right-hand corner. A window will open showing a preview of your boosted post on desktop and mobile.

• Next, choose your audience.

• Set your budget and duration.

Run an ad for an existing Carousel Page Post

If you've already created a carousel Page post, you can turn it into an ad that will appear in the carousel format. Doing this allows you to have more advanced targeting and budget options.

• Go to and select Boost your posts.

• Select or enter the Page the post is from.

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