All the right people

Over a billion people use Facebook to connect. Based on their location, age and more, we can introduce you to the people who’ll love your business.

On desktop and mobile

Reach people where they’re engaged. Facebook is on 3 of every 4 smartphones, and more than half of people on Facebook visit every day.

More efficiently

Most online advertising only reaches 38% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 89%. Your business gets more value from every advert.

How can we help your business?

Whether you like it or not, you simply cannot ignore the power of Facebook. We know it's user numbers are phenomenal, we know the power it holds as a marketing tool, we know that it is part of many peoples everyday life - just like TV. So, with all these obvious facts - it's also obvious that IT HAS to be part of your marketing strategy right?

Facebook has asked so many questions of its users over the years that it knows so much about each of its users. It allows you to use this information to target directly to your core market. When used in the right way, you can use a Facebook marketing strategy to grow your business.

As a consumer, it may be disconcerting to know that Facebook collects so much personal data. As an advertiser, it’s the jackpot!

Facebook uses the data it collects to provide you & your business with deep demographic targeting. Before, that wealth of information was reserved for advanced advertisers who used Power Editor. Now it’s available to everyone via Facebook’s Ad Creation tool.

We have a lot of experience in using Facebook as a successful marketing tool for our clients. We keep up-to-date with the many changes in Facebook advertising rules & know what works well & what doesn't.

Talk to us today about adding Facebook into YOUR marketing strategy contact us now!

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