Social Media Consultancy Services

We offer a one-to-one or group masterclass in the use of Social Media for business in Co.Louth and the surrounding areas.
These classes are tailor-made to your needs, depending on current level of experience. We can start from the very basics or we can pick up from your current level & go from there.
We begin by establishing your business/brands current offering in the world of Social Media.

We take a look at where you are now by analyzing the following:
• What platforms do you currently use
• How strong is your engagement
• What you post and when you post it
• Who are you currently reaching out to & is this your target market
• Are you responding to questions, queries & comments in a reasonable timeframe – if at all?
• Are you using Social Media sites to drive traffic to your website?
The length of each session is very much dependent on the level you are currently at & how much you wish to achieve.
Generally a consultancy would last for 3 hours and cover one or two platforms, depending on current standing.

What do we cover during these sessions:
Most people seem to want to know more about Facebook & rightly so as the metrics are easy to read, the reach is phenomenal & if you use paid ads you can achieve so much more for a relatively very small budget.

We show you how to best achieve this and also how to operate within Facebook’s guidelines which is very important.
We will offer you advise on when best to post. We will also show you some tools that will help schedule posts so you don’t have to be in front of your laptop all day long.

We teach you that promoting your business on such sites as Facebook and twitter is easier than you think.

We teach you to ‘Fish where the fish are, not where the boat is!’ Target your customers directly, engage with them & gain a strong advantage over your competitors.

We also offer support and advice over the phone from our Dundalk based offices when you sign up for a Social Media Consultancy. Read More..

Management of Social Media sites

The level of our management service is very much dependent on your needs & requirements. We can build your Social Media strategy from the ground up, setting you up on all platforms relevant to your business. So with this in mind, we perform a ‘Social Media audit’. We can also maintain your social media content from our office's in Dundalk, Co.Louth.

During our initial consultation, we establish your current positioning & set out proper targets & we take it from there.
We will arrange a fortnightly hour-long meeting & from these meetings, we decide on the content/promotions that you wish to market over the following period. Once we have this information, ThinkSocial can then go forward and post content at appropriate times on your behalf from our hub in Dundalk.

We generate reports showing you the metrics, which posts are generating most interest & which are not. We will also discuss these metrics at our fortnightly meetings.
We help with issues which may arise such as complaints or negative comments/reviews on these public platforms. We would try to nip in the bud as early as possible, acknowledging the complaint online but deal with the problem or complaint out of the public eye.
We help develop your online social media content management strategy.

To summarize, our Management package can include:
• The establishment of your business on relevant platforms
• A fortnightly meeting with your business manager
• Building an effective online community
• A tailor-made social marketing plan
• Regular posts on all agreed platforms
• Monitoring of posts & responding to questions/queries on your behalf
• Design, implement, execute & monitor competitions should you choose to run them
• We’re always at the end of a phone too, so if there is anything you feel needs changed mid-cycle we can act quickly. Read More...

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Media Managment Clients

Branding and Logo design

Our plans are specifically designed to improve how your brand looks on-line and influence your target audience. We create a brand around what your company stands for and what your target audience are taking into account age's, trends demographics range and Graphic Style suitable to company's.

During our initial consultation, we establish your current positioning, talk about the targeted market you want to enter and show you the type of graphic styles associated with it, then we take it from there creating a range of original mock-up designs for you to choose from.

We also can redesign old logos and revitalize your old look into a new fresh polished designs for the ever growing and Changing media market.

All designs can be made purely for your advertising campaigns on social media site such as Facebook, but change be also designed for commercial use such as business cards, menu's, flyers and many more. We can also simply give the design created to your personal printers. All our work is clean and professional created from our offices in Dundalk, Co.Louth.

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Design Clients

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design means that your site will fit all screens perfectly out there. If its pc, tablets or phones we show your business off the best way possible.

we cover a range of different style of sites. Static website used to just have an online presence, Shops online big or small why not increase your sales by having a shop online, Multi Language sites are great for those static sites that need to communicate around the world.

There are so many designs and add-ons we can supply you! Read more...

Website Clients